Pleated Blinds

We can create pleated blinds for a variety of window shapes and sizes, which means they can be used for any room setting - even if the windows are bespoke. Because we can create them for any size & shape of window, the pleated blind is the ideal choice for a conservatory or skylight windows.

Our pleated blinds are available with metal backed fabrics for the reduction of heat (and increased Winter insulation), or standard lined fabric if heat control is not required.

Freehang Pleated Blinds
Conservatory Freehand Pleated Blinds
Multi position Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds

Wilton Peach black out ARENA PLEATED SHOOT CHEADLE 32120

When we measure pleated blinds for roof/skylight windows, we design them with tension cables to keep the fabric tight to the window - preventing blind sagging which can occur with other manufacturers blinds.

They are also made using an equal pleat system to keep a uniform pleat across the whole length of the blind.

Tab Pleated Blinds

Consist of an aluminium three-rail system the headrail and bottom rail are fixed the third rail moves between the headrail and bottom rail, with a thumb handle to position the fabric. This can be mounted as top down or bottom up.

Tab pleated

Pleated blinds garden office

Multizone Pleated Blind

Two aluminium rail system that move between top and bottom fixed shoes, this system allows the fabric to be positioned anywhere between the top and bottom positions, a thumb handle is provided to move the fabric.

Freehang Pleated Blind

Two aluminium rail system the headrail fixed to the window recess; the base rail moves via a pull cord lock control system to position the fabric anywhere within the total drop of the window.

free hanging pleated blinds

duo pleated blinds

Duo-Pleated Blind

This option provides the same hardware as the tab, multizone blind but with a second voile fabric added to the blind, that allows a view also known as a day/night blind.

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Aluminium four-sided frame that simply clips inside the glass bead of the window frame, this can be mounted as top down or bottom up, provided with a thumb handle to open and close the blind.

Perfect fit Pleated blinds

Conservatory Shaped

Pleated Roof Blinds

Aluminium three-rail system the headrail and bottom rail are fixed the third rail moves between the headrail and bottom rail via tensioned steel wires, with a thumb handle and rod provided to position the fabric within the drop of the blind.

As with all our blinds, we have a huge range of colours and styles of fabric. Contact us now to arrange a free home consultation to see the colours and styles in your home.

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Browse a small selection of Pleated Blinds fabrics we have to offer, this link will take you to some of our fabric house partners websites.

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Pleated blinds Close up cords



Contact us now for a no-obligation home visit and we can discuss the benefits of Pleated Blinds, plus show you the style and colour choices.

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Pleated Blinds Options

  • Freehang
  • Skylight
  • Shaped Roof
  • Solar Protective Coating solarsym
  • Energy and Solar Protective Coating energysym
  • Translucent
  • Blackout blackout
  • Tab Pleated
  • Multizone Pleated
  • Duo-Pleated
  • Perfect-fit

Pleated Blinds Before and After

Hover over each image or click them to reveal the after image with a new blind installed.

victorian wooded before

Pleated Blinds for Conservatory

These pleated blinds add excellent UV protection and cooling when closed for this conservatory

victorian wooded before

Corner Section Conservatory

Showing conservatory corner section before and then after adding five Freehang Pleated Blinds.

victorian wooded before

Three Section Blinds

Conservatory with door before and after added 3 x Freehang Pleated Blinds and matching Perfect-fit to door.


All are blinds are child saftey compliant, We follow the BBSA child safety guidelines.

Child-Safety-logo-black150Click to download the full BBSA saftey standards leaflet.

All our blinds come with a guarentee of up to 2 years dependant on manufacturer & product selected.


Customer Reviews

  • We are a returning customers and would not go anywhere else for our blinds. This is a prime example of a hard working local business and Peter in particular always goes the extra mile. The roman blind just fitted to our patio door is stunning. The service and wide selection of fabrics and options is second to none.
  • Couldn't be happier with our new blinds! Communication was brilliant from booking the survey/quote to final delivery and we felt in very good hands. Would recommend.
  • Having decided to have new window and french door vertical blinds installed, the challenge was to identify a company, that I felt assured, would deliver my exacting requirements. In Harmony Blinds, I found such a company. Not only did they deliver a top quality product, at a competitive price but also a service from concept, through design and finally installation, that was first class. The communication through all aspects of the project was faultless, with their guidance and attention to detail far out weighing my expectations, which were very high. I can't praise the "Harmony team" highly enough and would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone considering to enhance their property with new window and door blinds, because that is exactly what they do.