Allusion blinds

Allusion blinds are a unique product that gives a window a soft luxurious look. Its soft flowing sheer vanes filter light throughout the day and provide privacy. All of this without sacrificing the view from your windows. Allusion blinds are suitable for all windows, but really come into their own over Bi-Fold doors and Patio/French doors. They are available in wide widths and long drops and are operated by a wand, the wand will enable the blinds to be drawn to one side, or split in the middle, as well as tilting the sheer vanes to provide privacy or light control. Allusion blinds are described as a cross between a Curtain, Vertical blind and a Voile. A unique feature to this blind is that it allows you access to outside space by walking through the sheer vanes, even when the blind is drawn across. There are two ranges available for Allusion Blinds:

  • Horizon – is a sheer and textured woven combination in neutral, calming tones.
  • Vista – is a flame retardant range with a subtle, geo wave combined with a sophisticated sheer.
  • Allusion blinds give you total control over your view and privacy with three control positions:
  • Full view – The blind is fully opened with the soft vanes drawn to give an unobstructed view.
  • Daytime view with privacy – Control vanes into the open position and enjoy a partial view with privacy, ideal for daytime.
  • Total privacy – Rotate the vanes to the closed position to enjoy total privacy, ideal for night time.

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Allusion Blinds

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All are blinds are child saftey compliant, We follow the BBSA child safety guidelines.

Child-Safety-logo-black150Click to download the full BBSA saftey standards leaflet.

  • Allusion Blinds Before and After

    If you looking for a blind that provides a view, privacy and protection from the sun on a patio door or bi-fold then Allusion blinds is worth a consideration.

    The three images showing split draw, full draw with privacy and closed for total privacy.

    allusion openallusion drawnallusion closed

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  • Got blinds fitted in the whole of my house and they are perfect in every way! Matt was amazing and so quick. Blinds are super strong and the colours are just perfect! Great customer service and even better price! Thank you Harmony Blinds
  • So pleased with my Roman blinds. I was able to supply my own material and my living room was particularly tricky with the shaped coving but Harmony Blinds found the perfect solution. I trusted them implicitly from the first visit, they were made and fitted in a few weeks. Very impressed, exceeded all expectations. Thank you
  • Thank you to Harmony and a huge thank you to Matt It was a pleasure to meet Matt, and have him in my home